Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Humble Realizations

I had a harsh realization today. My pride was shot to the ground (as it has been a lot here lately) as I realized some of the closest people to me have suggested that I make this need known publicly prior to my own realization...and I told them it wasn’t necessary. Ever want to just laugh at yourself?  This is that moment for me.  

So here I am… months later, humbly making this need known. It is very difficult to admit that the present situation I find myself in (and I believe that God has lead me here) does not allow me to provide financially for my little girl and myself. Coming from a full time nursing position in the U.S. to not having a consistent income has been quite the challenge for me. I made the need known before I left in March and from that God has given me sweet, sweet individuals who have been faithful in helping Phoebe and I live and serve here in Haiti. People have also been so generous in giving towards Phoebe’s adoption (which on my own I cannot afford either). I could not be more thankful for the generous people who are still actively supporting us…

These people have stuck with Phoebe and I through thick and thin. I expected to loose some support after leaving Respire Haiti… and I knew it would make people question whether or not they should support us or not. I totally get that. I’m sure I would have to really think about it again after something like that happening to someone I was supporting overseas. But these folks who are consistently supporting Phoebe and I… they didn’t expect an explanation… they didn’t ask me to prove anything… they continued to give and support us in so many ways.

Yesterday I was looking at our funds for the month of August and September and I thought, “how are we going to do this?”. I immediately had to begin evaluating activities that we were planning and wanting to be involved in due to our financial situation. Ministry opportunities, visiting with friends, food selection… the list goes on. None of which are completely necessary to sustain life… but for the most part it keeps us in survival mode. And if I’ve learned anything by living and working in Haiti is that you cannot LIVE in survival mode all the time.  

Humbly I ask some of you to consider joining my ministry team so that I can stay here in Haiti, care for my daughter until her adoption is complete, and serve the Haitian people in a holistic manner.

Currently it costs Phoebe and I around $700 a month to be able to pay our rent, food, gas, and any other miscellaneous expenses that come up (which happens much more here in Haiti than it ever happened to me in the U.S.). – We have around $450 a month coming in. If anyone feels lead to join us, we will most definitely see it as God’s provision for us.

Even though I am working with World Orphans as an intern, they are not handling my finances at this time. If you would like to make a one-time donation or would like give monthly, please contact me at

Trusting that as God continues to guide us here in Haiti that He will provide for what He has brought us here to do…. Especially now that my pride is out of the way :) 

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  1. Praying these needs will be made known to many! :)