Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas from Thomassin, Haiti :)

We are preparing our home and our hearts for the celebration of the birth of Jesus this Christmas Season! I spent 2 weeks in the states and was able to bring back some fun/Santa Claus things to teach Phoebe Kate as well. We have been decorating Christmas trees, baking cookies, Christmas coloring books and things to celebrate such a sweet time of the year! A time that we welcome in our Savior who became flesh so that we could KNOW HIM. What an incredible gift Father God gave us so many Christmas' ago! And it is still offered to us today... each and every day. If that doesn't get you in the spirit of giving I don't know what will :) 

This Christmas we wish you and yours grace and peace as we celebrate the coming of Immanuel. He is with us. May we not forget what this season is all about! 

Decorating her first little Christmas tree :)

We are celebrating our first Christmas here in Haiti with some precious friends! Our house mates Rhyan and Annabel and our Aunt Kate is here to celebrate with us as well. We have so many sweet people in our lives that we will not share this day with and we will miss so much, but we are so thankful for the people that the Lord has given to us to share this special time with. Thank you Jesus for sweet friends and family!

Annabel Kay & Phoebe Kate (Christmas 2012)
I look forward to sharing pictures from Christmas morning... this will be the first time that Phoebe Kate has had a Christmas! So many firsts and we are LOVING them! We will continue the tradition of opening presents from "Santa" on Christmas morning, but we will also be making a pretty big deal about Jesus' birthday! I am starting a new tradition in our family of baking a birthday cake for Jesus (since this is the most concrete way for a 3 year old to grasp that it's someone's birthday) and we will be reading the Biblical story over and over again this week as we prepare for His coming!