Wednesday, August 1, 2012

20 days in the U.S.

Let me start off by apologizing… it has been over a month AGAIN since my last blog update. I cannot believe it is already August 1! It feels like just the other day I was looking forward to July… and now it has come and gone.

I spent 20 days of July in the United States… it felt like a really long time to be away from Phoebe, but there was no way around it. I was able to get so much done during that time and really could not have done it with my trip being a day shorter. One of the things I was most excited about completing while at home was my home study for Phoebe’s adoption! My social worker, Ashley Davis, worked miracles for me! Everything that I had to be present for, she was able to squeeze in during my time at home.  I had no idea that this much would be accomplished in one visit, so THANK YOU, Ashley Davis :)

Some other things I was able to do while I was in the U.S.:

Family vacation to Gulf Shores, AL

I enjoyed spending time with my Mom, Dad, and Chad. Good food and sun :)


I was blessed to be a part of 2 of my good friends’ wedding… Rebecca and Daniel! It was such a sweet and perfect time of them joining together as husband and wife. Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of your special day!


TONS of food, conversation, and encouragement from my 2 sisters and best friends! Christin and Mary Kate just fill my soul! So thankful to have them in my life…

I worked 42 hours in the ER at St Francis. To say that I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to work, keep up my skills, and make a little money is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

One Sunday was spent in Wisner, LA sharing about our ministry in Haiti. I was so blessed to be able to share at FBC Wisner and Holly Grove Baptist Church all in one day! I think my favorite part of that day was lunch at Jesse and Leslie Young's place. We had an amazing HOMEMADE chipoltle style lunch... fresh beef, Wisner corn, and garden fresh tomatoes, rice, cheese, sour cream, black beans and lettuce! The sweet fellowship with the Young's was a gift... and they even made us take a nap :) Talk about some good friends, huh?? (Sorry for the lack of pictures, we must have been too busy having a good time :) )

I had many lunches, dinners, suppers with family and friends! To name a few of the people who I caught up with while in Louisiana: The Handy's, the Berry's, Megan Strain, Sydney, Annie, Lexie & Beau Burton, Amanda Lilley...thank you all for your love, hospitality and encouragement to me on my journey! So thankful to know you! Thanks to Ms Susie I have pictures from my time with the Handy's and Berry's :)

A short trip was made to the east coast before transitioning back to life in Haiti. For such a short trip, we sure did A LOT! --- Georgia Aquarium, hike with my cousins in Black Mountain, NC, river exploring with my new friend Gabe, and a midwifery conference with Lisa Aman!

Georgia Aquarium's Beluga Whales
Ethan & Jonathan Kadau on Lookout Mtn 

Gabe at Pop's Secret 

Thank you to everyone who treated me to meals, took me out for fun, and just loved me! I was tired after my time in the U.S. but encouraged and ready to be back in Haiti. So I think my time away was overall a success apart from missing the heck out of this cute little munchkin … :)

A special thank you also goes out to the Barlow’s who kept my sweet girl for me while I had to be away. They did such a great job of making her feel loved and safe… and I couldn’t have asked for a more prepared family in this matter! Phoebe loves her Barlow's SO MUCH! And thanks for also making her bilingual :)

Emma, Rebecca, Phoebe, Ted, & Tynan

More to come SOON! My goal for August… to blog more frequently :) 


  1. You are VERY welcome! We love our Phoebe's too!!I just wish that she could have made US bilingual!

  2. Such a wonderful update. SO good for my heart and soul to read! Hate I wasn't able to tag along for Bec's wedding with you girls. But know I've been praying for you like crazy and will continue ;) I would run out of fingers and toes if I were to count how many times your name was mentioned during bible studies and family groups during Cross Camp! You have made such a huge impact on my walk with Christ and how I now serve in ministry! And I know you've done the same for many others! So glad your time back in the states was refreshing and super productive =) Next time you'd like a visitor to Haiti, I'll be looking up some plane tickets ;) LOVE YOU SO MUCH sweet sister. Continue to ROCK IT OUT!