Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christin's Visit & More Transition

We were blessed to have one of my best friends, Christin Mohon, arrive on November 1! Phoebe Kate and I both were just beyond overjoyed to have her with us for a week! And it was a very important week for us… so thankful that she was able to come!

Phoebe Kate and Aunt Christin enjoying a bite to eat at 5 Coins :)

Phoebe Kate and I have been staying at the Barlow’s since May. We are so thankful for their generosity and allowing us to be a part of their family and their home for 6 months! What a blessing! – But it wasback in September that the Lord began to put it on my heart that Phoebe Kate and I needed to be somewhere that we could call “home” until we are able to come home officially. I prayed, my friends prayed, my family prayed… the Lord opened a door :) No surprise to us here! He is so faithful and Hisprovision is never late but is always right on time.

On November 5, with the help of some of my amazing friends, Phoebe Kate and I made the move from the busyness of the city of Port-au-Prince into the mountains of Thomassin. – The Lord provided a precious house with precious neighbors and we are so thankful to call this place our home! 

View from my balcony in the morning 

Sunsets in Thomassin
 It’s just Phoebe Kate and I in our house for now, but our friends Rhyan and Annabel will be joining us in January! We are really looking forward to sharing life with them in our new home! Rhyan is a Midwife-To-Be student as well and has a precious 1-year-old daughter (who just happens to be Haitian)! Thanking the Lord for her friendship and looking forward to the encouragement, support, and grace we can provide each other as we have so much in common!

Rhyan & Annabel

 So some of you may be wondering what this means for Phoebe Kate and I? – We are still walking through the adoption process (waiting on IBESR to reopen so our dossier can be submitted), I am still going to the U.S. every 2 months for 2 weeks for work in the ER, and we are praying and asking the Lord to open doors for work as a nurse here if that is what He desires from me in this season of life!

Not only was Aunt Christin here to help us with our BIG move… she was also here to help me take Phoebe Kate to the Pediatrician for the first time (exam, immunizations, blood work)! It was a really big day for Phoebe Kate but she was such a BIG GIRL! I was amazed… actually astonished… at how well she handled herself for a 3 year old! And Aunt Christin was there… she helped keep me calm, too :)

Getting blood drawn... What a champ! 
Proudly showing off her Dora bandaid :) 
Christin also took some Christmas pics :) Sneak peak…!

Mommy & Phoebe Kate 2012 

Since Aunt Christin’s departure on the 8th we have spent our days making this our home! It has been so fun for us and we truly LOVE our new space! --- Trusting, believing, and waiting on the Lord to show us what to do from here as we wait on His good and perfect timing for this adoption to be finalized. We are still learning and growing as mother and daughter and we are soaking up our days together! Please continue to pray for us through this transition.

Thank you for coming to visit us Aunt Christin!!!

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