Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Friends in Gressier

Just a few pictures I wanted to share of our new friends in Gressier :)

This is Bonnie Kate. Bonnie Kate just graduated from high school and is spending her summer in Gressier, Haiti. She is such a gentle, beautiful woman. I have loved getting to know her already! As you can see, Phoebe, already loves her!

Megan Boudreaux, Director of Respire Haiti, with Jezlo. Jezlo is a little boy whose mother brought him to our house before I arrived. They described him as lethargic, unable to walk, and unable to keep his eyes open. Respire Haiti staff rushed him to the hospital where he was treated for parasites and severe anemia. This is him one week later... He is walking again and is gaining life back into his little body. Megan has hired his mother to work with us at the house. The report from yesterday was that she is a really good worker. We are happy to have Jezlo and his mother joining our "family".

Isn't she just beautiful?

My sassy little girl :) I told her I was taking a picture and her immediate pose was head cocked to the side with her hand on her hip! I love that she has so much personality!

Jezlo has brought out a different side of Phoebe. With him she has been so patient, kind, loving and gentle. I love watching her show compassion, it takes my breath away!


  1. she is STUNNING! getting more and more beautiful everyday! and oh my...Jezlo what a little man. :) excited for them to be joining you! love the picture of Phoebe and Jezlo....pure and undefiled love. :)

  2. What a sweet angel Phoebe is becoming! I love hearing her laugh and watching her respond to you! It is definitely a precious bond!!! Love all the pictures... Keep them coming! Love you!!!